Today I released version 1.0.0 of the Xfce Mailwatch Plugin. Pasi and I worked our asses off on it, and I finally got around to doing a real release. We feel pretty confident about it, so I decided to go for 1.0.0. Enjoy.


It’s interesting how you can see someone in a different context and realise how little you know about that person, even someone you’ve known for the better part of year. More to come later.

I Guess I'm in the Right Field

Granted, I don’t do as much actual engineering as I’d like, but at least my mind is in the right place:

You scored as Engineering. You should be an Engineering major!

Engineering - 92% Mathematics - 83% English - 83% Philosophy - 67% Chemistry - 67% Linguistics - 58% Dance - 42% Sociology - 42% Biology - 42% Journalism - 33% Psychology - 33% Anthropology - 33% Art - 25% Theater - 25%

What is your Perfect Major?

Fun Links

Google Talk Full Jabber Interoperability

Interesting. When Google Talk first came out, I was somewhat annoyed that they weren’t allowing server-to-server communications. That is, people on Google’s Jabber network couldn’t communicate with people on the “real” Jabber network. JF (with his Jabber account) just requested authorisation to add me to his list… via my Google Talk account. So it seems like the good people at Google changed their minds after all (or were intending to roll this out later all along). Pretty nifty. I’m not sure if they’re allowing all server-to-server communication, or just some select few, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Update: Looks like Slashdot already has the news, and it is indeed open to all servers. Sweet.


In the past week, I’ve gone from sharing the workload of two products between two people, to being solely responsible (engineering-wise) for two (and possibly three) products. Fortunately, I’ll have some help.

This will either be very very good, or very very bad. Either way, I’m not likely to have much of a life until April or May.

Two Dot Oh

Against my better judgement, I upgraded my weblog to Wordpress 2.0. Seems to be working ok so far.

GStreamer + DRM

Looks like GStreamer will support DRM in the future. What a damned shame. I’m definitely going to stay away from GStreamer now. I refuse to support a project that supports technologies that restrict what people can do with the things they buy.

I don’t care about the supposedly-practical arguments: “well, there’s DRMed content out there that we can’t play, so we should support DRM.” I don’t want to be able to play DRMed content. I don’t want DRMed content, period. The only way I will accept playing DRMed content is via a device or piece of software that permanently strips said DRM off the content, or can decrypt the content in a free (as in beer and speech) manner that can’t be revoked or removed, such as how libdvdcss allows me to play encrypted DVDs.

If the content “owners” are going to treat their customers like criminals, then I might as well just become one.

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