Hi. I'm Brian Tarricone and this is my website. This site is mostly just random stuff about me, as well as some pages about my work on Free Software. I shall preemptively apologize for the sorry state of this website, as it probably hasn't gotten more than the most minimal amount of love since 2005.

I have a web journal, an online résumé (somewhat out of date, but still relevant), and a PGP/GPG key.

I was once a core developer for the Xfce Project, a lightweight desktop environment for the X11 windowing system. I also work/have worked on other side projects, all in various stages of completion.

Professionally, I'm employed by Twilio, Inc. We build a scalable pay-as-you-go developer platform for adding voice and text communications to any application. You should use it. It's awesome.

I had a short stint at Fanhattan, LLC, working on embedded OpenGL rendering on Android. Previously, I worked at Kno, Inc. as a software lead for the (now-defunct) tablet device framework. Before that, I was employed by Netgear as a software developer working on multimedia devices based on an embedded Linux system, as well as an engineering project manager for the previous generation of the multimedia product line.