So I finally ordered my Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, with the sweet developer discount. I was a bit afraid I’d been left out when I saw a bunch of other people ordering and receiving theirs. I guess they were just giving out the coupon codes in batches or something.

Anyway, it looks like a really cool device, and I’m looking forward to hacking on it. I was poking around the API documentation for the platform, and it seems like there’s a lot to mess around with. The little guy has quite a bit of potential. I’ve been looking for the chance to cut my teeth on programming for an embedded device, and this looks like the perfect opportunity.

Annoyingly, the only shipping methods were fedex 2nd day, and overnight, and the 2nd day is $15. Lame. And of course that means it’ll arrive nice and quickly… and then sit at my rental office for 5 days until I get back from Germany. Figures.