Lame Video Cards

So I finally updated to 7.0 on my HTPC. I had been putting it off since the crappy proprietary matrox drivers required to use the card are poorly-maintained and probably wouldn’t be updated to install to the new file locations, if they worked at all.

Anyway, I did the 7.0 update, futzed with the ebuild to install the drivers to the right location, and started up X. Unresolved symbols in the video driver. Great. So I do some questionable manual shared library linking, and X finally starts. And then crashes right after showing the video card’s splash screen. Great.

I found a newer, unofficial build of the driver made by some random dude (a fact that points out how much Matrox’s support for the driver sucks), but he used a funky shellscript installer, and getting at the files easily is a pain since for some reason the –target cmdline option doesn’t work. Stupid. Anyway, I got tired of trying to force it to work.

So, I’m fed up. Matrox is now on my shitlist for Linux. I just ordered a $40 (minus $15 mail-in rebate; yay!) nvidia geforce 6200 on newegg, and that’ll be it. I’ll probably put the 6200 in my desktop, and move the 5700 in my desktop back to where it started in the HTPC. Or maybe I’ll just put the 6200 in the HTPC, because it requires less effort.

So, unless I want to downgrade back to 6.8.2 (I don’t), my HTPC is a very large doorstop until the new card comes. Well, actually, it’s also a cross-compile box. I finally figured out how to get crossdev to properly compile a cross toolchain (including glibc and g++, which I was having trouble with before) on my two x86 boxes, so now I can compile updates for my ppc PowerBook on three different machines. Which is good, because the PowerBook is kinda on the slow side.

If anyone wants a Matrox Millennium P650 for about $60 (pricegrabber says they cost anywhere from $120-$230), let me know. It’s a pretty nifty dual-DVI card (no VGA at all), aside from the shitty Linux support. Otherwise it’s going into my Pile O’ Unused Crap.