Following Directions

Sigh. I know people don’t read directions. I know that, when you want to get someone to read something, brevity is better: the less there is to read, the more likely the recipient is to read it.

But when the first line of a Bugzilla mail says “Do not reply to this email. To comment on this bug, please visit: (URL)”, you’d think that people would, you know, just click on the damned link. How is it easier to hit reply, delete “” from the “to” line, and paste my email address in there?

(Ok, spambots, have at the bugzilla-daemon address. It goes directly to /dev/null anyway.)

So now, Xfce Bugzilla emails start with this: “DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Also, do not reply via email to the person whose email is mentioned below. To comment on this bug, please visit: (URL).”

Hopefully that’s clear enough, and not too long for the ridiculously lazy among us to read.