Sadly, we didn’t get accepted into Google’s Summer of Code this year. It’s a shame, but I’m glad I went through the effort to apply. If nothing else, we got some potentially-useful ideas and possibly some developer interest. Obviously we can’t fund any of these people, but it would be great if they still want to contribute.

Update: The coordinator got back to me, and said our ideas page wasn’t very fleshed out, and that we should look at other accepted applicants and the program guidelines for help on how to do this right… never mind that I actually did look at some older accepted projects, and their ideas lists were at times even more sparse than ours (though many were much more formally written up as well). Also she gave the usual “we can’t accept every great project” excuse, which at least gives some hope for next year. I’m not particularly sure I want to go through the work to apply again, but maybe someone else will.