Note that Airconfig is abandoned and unmaintained, and likely does not work on modern Linux distributions due to the deprecation and removal of HAL (among other things).


Airconfig aims to be a simple, easy-to-use wireless network configuration tool for Linux (support for other platforms will be added if possible). The inspiration for the user interface is the MacOS X AirPort menu. Currently Airconfig is in an alpha state, and is probably not suitable for use by most people. Airconfig is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.



Airconfig is not complete, and therefore has never been formally released. Actually, at this point, it’s in a stalled state of development. Since NetworkManager 0.7 actually looks pretty decent as compared to 0.6, I may rewrite Airconfig to be a NM 0.7 frontend (since nm-applet appears to require gnome-panel for some strange reason). However, if you want to play around with bleeding-edge, possibly-broken code, you can download the latest-and-greatest from the Git repository. Using a command-line ‘git’ client, this will fetch the sources for you:

1git clone git://


Using sources from Git, you can compile and install Airconfig by issuing the following commands from the root of Airconfig’s source tree:

1./ --prefix=/opt/airconfig --enable-debug=yes
3make install

You will of course need to run make install as root, or you can change the --prefix parameter to point to a directory where your user has write permissions. I do not recommend installing Airconfig to a normal system location (such as /usr) at this time, as the files installed may change as development progresses. As it is currently, Airconfig needs certain files installed to HAL’s prefix, so be forewarned that stale files may accumulate if you aren’t careful.


Repeat after me: “Ooooooooh! Ahhhhhhhh!”

Airconfig Networks Menu
Airconfig Networks Menu
Airconfig Key Entry Dialog
Airconfig Key Entry Dialog
Airconfig Hidden Netowkr Dialog
Airconfig Hidden Network Dialog
Airconfig Network Settings Dialog
Airconfig Network Settings Dialog


Currently, no end-user documentation exists. Hopefully Airconfig should be fairly intuitive even to a reasonably non-technical user. Simply running ‘airconfig’ from the command line should start it up. For more information as to the state of Airconfig development and other caveats for use, please see the latest Airconfig README.


Airconfig likely has quite a few bugs. Please report them on Xfce Bugzilla. I’m working on a lot of different things in Airconfig at the moment, so I may not get to your bug report for a while. Please be sure to update to the latest code before reporting a bug. Since I’m concentrating right now on just getting it working properly, I don’t have time to offer any kind of support. If you encounter problems and decide to file a bug, a patch to fix your problem would also be very helpful! But don’t let the lack of a patch stop you from reporting your problem.

Airconfig’s codebase is probably in too much flux right now for any meaningful code contributions to be made. At this time I probably will not accept feature-enhancement patches. I have a very good idea as to what features I want Airconfig to have (and, more importantly, what features I don’t want it to have). After the codebase settles down a bit, we can talk about extra things to add.