Transd is a very small daemon that does nothing but watch for window creation and apply a set of predefined transparency rules to windows as they appear. It reads a simple configuration file with window class names paired with transparency percentages, and then applies that transparency to new windows that match that particular window class. I wrote it out of my desire for all my terminal windows to be 20% transparent.

Transd requires a recent version of the X server (with the Composite extension enabled), and a compositor running (such as xcompmgr, compiz, or xfwm4 with the compositor enabled). Composite itself requires a resonably modern video card with hardware acceleration enabled. If you don’t have these things, transd will not work for you.

This software is unmaintained and I will not support it. Please don’t email me about it unless you’re incuding a patch to fix whatever’s wrong.

Feel free to grab it from the git repository:

1git clone git://

Everything you need to know should be in the README file.